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22 June 2023

Empowering our customers to navigate the rising cost of living effectively

Is your client one of the 9 in 10 Australians who have been impacted by recent rate rises?1 We are here to help.

We understand the significant impact that rising living costs can have on our customers and their families. Their financial protection and peace of mind remain our top priorities and we want to assure you that we are here to protect your clients and remain committed to providing the support they need to navigate through these challenges.

Conducting regular policy reviews with your clients is important to ensure that their coverage aligns with their changing needs. This allows your clients to adjust their coverage based on their evolving financial circumstances and priorities.

We have a number of tailored solutions and resources available to help alleviate some of the financial burdens and provide confidence to your clients.

Control your cover

Zurich l OnePath

A dedicated information hub helping customers with cover affordability education, providing tips on;

  • How they can reduce the premiums of their cover whilst maintaining financial security

  • How to get maximum value for their insurance

  • The benefits of being covered

  • Adapting cover to meet the needs of their changing circumstances 

  • Affordability case studies - exploring how our customers can make their insurance more affordable using different customer cover scenarios:  Zurich / OnePath

Cover suspension options

Customers can choose to suspend their cover (if available in their policy T&C’s) for up to 12 months over the life of the policy, alleviating the financial burden they may be experience with paying premiums. 

Adviser self-service policy alterations

As an Adviser, you can make alternations to your clients policy on their behalf within The Adviser Portal;

  • Make a one-off payment on behalf of your clients when premiums are overdue or when approaching anniversary

  • Temporarily decline CPI increases

  • Provide more detailed premium estimates for your clients with our additional projection options for alterations on quotes

Decline inflation protection

Declining inflation protection can help reduce premium costs in the short term. Information for your customers on declining inflation and looking at different options can be found here > Read article

Simpler and sustainable Income Protection products

Designed for clarity, affordability and certainty, our Income Protection products are suited to an evolving world, they are better aligned to a community that deserves more quality, value, and certainty in their life insurance. Zurich Income Safeguard / OneCare Income Secure Protection

Additional customer resources and tools available to help alleviate the day-to-day challenges with the rising cost of living.


My Wellbeing Hub

We want our customers to live well and enjoy happier, healthier lives. My Wellbeing Hub is home to practical guides, articles and inspiration across financial, physical, social and mental wellbeing. Visit My Wellbeing Hub

Loving Life

Zurich customers have the opportunity to join Loving Life, giving them access to more than 4,500 lifestyle and entertainment offers. Loving Life gives customers discounts on everyday local services like food shopping, dry cleaning, petrol and movie tickets.

Please note: Loving Life is only available to Zurich customers

Livewell by Zurich

Our recently evolved health offering designed to better empower your clients to take charge of their health. Available to both Zurich and OnePath customers, they can earn health points for healthy actions and redeem points from all the rewards retailers available in the shop. Customers can then spend these points as they choose with a large variety of local and global retail partners

Supporting customers with vulnerability 

We recognise that customers may experience vulnerability at some point in their lives, due to common and unpredictable life events. We are committed to providing access to support services, where needed, and tailoring these services to meet their specific needs.  You can read about how we can support customers with vulnerability here.

Life insurance has never been more important, supporting customers in this stressful time is crucial to ensure their financial protection and well-being. This support allows our customers and families to focus on other aspects of their lives and reduces the anxiety associated with rising living costs.

We're here to help your clients. If you have any questions, please reach out to your BDM.

[1] This data was collected in February-March 2023 by independent behavioural consultancy Decision Design from a nationally representative sample of n=1,061 sourced from an online consumer panel