Claim stories

Real stories from OnePath Life insurance customers

You don't often get to see the insurance claims process unless you go through a claim yourself. With these real-life stories, we're taking you behind the scenes to show you what happens at claim time, how our claims assessors think, and why claims decisions aren't always black and white.

Trauma Premier Cover

Karina’s endometriosis claim

Karina’s claim technically didn’t meet the definition of endometriosis, but her claim was still paid in full.

Income Secure Comprehensive

Sally’s specific injury claim

Sally fractured her arm in a cycling accident, and despite missing just 5 days of work she was entitled to make a claim.

Trauma Premier Cover

Kathy’s claim story

Kathy was able to focus solely on her treatment thanks to her claim being approved when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer.

Income Secure Cover

Steve’s back injury claim

Steve didn’t disclose an extensive history of back issues when he applied for cover, so his claim for a back injury couldn’t be paid.

Trauma Cover

Helen’s joint disease claim

Helen was diagnosed with a joint disease that wasn’t covered by her trauma policy, so her claim couldn’t be paid.

Trauma Cover and Income Secure Cover

Dave’s melanoma claim

Dave’s melanoma was in his eye, meaning there was no way he could meet the definition in his policy. His claim was paid anyway.

Income Secure Cover

Steph’s cancer claim

Steph reduced her cover just weeks before she was diagnosed with colon cancer, but she still received the higher amount.