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Committed to delivering on the promise we make.

At OnePath we understand that life insurance is a promise. We strive to honour that promise so as to make a real difference to the lives of our customers, and their loved ones during challenging circumstances.

In 2021 OnePath Retail life paid more than $587 million in life insurance claims to 4,438 customers, which gives you the confidence that if things go wrong, we will be there.

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Death and Terminal Illness

At OnePath, the most common claim for death and terminal illness following cancer is cardiovascular disease. In Australia, cardiovascular disease (CVD) affects more than 4 million Australians – this is 1 in 4 deaths4.

Income Protection

With our new Income Secure Protection product released in 2021, it’s designed with the future in mind, offering a solution which is simpler to understand, and focused on more stable, affordable pricing, a customer can’t work due to a serious illness or accident, our new OneCare Income Secure Protection will pay a monthly benefit of up to 70% of their pre-claim income, giving them the financial security to maintain their lifestyle. Find out more about OneCare Income Secure Protection

Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)

Our TPD cover is designed with a choice of cover types and benefits. The benefit is commonly used to pay ongoing medical expenses, make necessary home modifications and to hire homecare services such as nursing, cleaning and cooking.


Trauma claims vary from neurological disorders, diseases, cardiovascular disorders all the way up to the leading cause, being cancer. Our Cancer support program helps with a customers health and wellness through their cancer journey. By engaging in this service they can set goals that are important to them, to improve their quality of life and get back to the activities they enjoy.

Claims stories and testimonials

It has been quite a journey since I had my stroke last year in July, but I am so happy to have made the inroads I have… For these reasons I saw my GP today, and he has signed me off as being fit for return to full work duties.

I appreciate the help that OnePath has offered me in my recovery - particularly when I was completely incapacitated. Having the total benefit of my trauma insurance paid out so quickly and my income protection benefits kick in, this was a huge weight off our shoulders, this helped us cover my ongoing medical costs and allowed me to focus on my recovery knowing my family was financially supported.

I also very much appreciate the help with the rehabilitation which was offered, when I resumed some partial work duties - specifically with the exercise physiology and speech therapy. When I visited my GP a few days after the stroke, he told me I had to brace myself that I might never be able to work again. I was so pleased to be able to tell him today, I wanted to return to my full work schedule.

It has been a challenging journey and I am so pleased to be where I am now. If anything positive can come out of my ‘stroke’, it is that I definitely have an increased empathy and understanding of the patients that I continue to care for … and realise just how much impact a single life event can have on one's entire life, both physically and mentally.

I feel comforted that although I had a horrible event in my life … that I did have some income protection to fall back on until I reached the recovery point.

OnePath customer

Here I am, in the peak of my income-earning years and our circumstance have found us living back at my parent’s home for quite a while now.  My Musculoskeletal condition is debilitating and has quite frankly, completely turned my life upside down. I have a lot of moments of feeling like a burden to my family, but what an absolutely fabulous feeling of relief it has been to see the money come into my bank account.

I hope you know the significant amount of relief this has bought to my family. It is my father’s birthday today and we have so much to celebrate.

You have been so professional and compassionate from the first day, thank you.

OnePath customer

I wanted to convey our thanks and gratitude for your efficiency and practicality for our mutual client. Taking the time to understand her health condition and working so professionally to ensure her claim is reviewed fairly and then accepted means a great deal. The impact on her and her family has been significant let alone coping with her condition, so we thank you and appreciate that the little things really amount to massive differences in people’s lives.

My client has spoken to me a number of times about the struggle they are going through having to live with her condition and the toll it is taking on their children and husband. Having the financial support provided by OnePath and the understanding of her medical requirements has helped them take a few steps forward.

OnePath customer

Claims customer feed

May 2022

Financial Adviser
Last week I handed over a claim cheque to a grieving husband and his children. Claims do get paid!
This is part of the job that although difficult, is very satisfying.
It provides them with options and to help them move through the next phase of their lives.

OnePath customer
I really look forward to my monthly call- the OnePath staff are great at listening and asking the right questions. I feel supported.

OnePath customer
Thank you for always being so helpful and doing everything as promised on time. You were so efficient.

OnePath customer
My new assessor is amazing, he has spent a lot of time listenting and providing comfort throughout this process.

April 2022

OnePath customer
I cannot thank you and the OnePath team enough. The help, support and the advocacy you have provided has ensured I receive the right support services, at the right time. Truly amazing, plus the humanity in dealing with you has been incredible.

OnePath customer
Sometimes all a person needs to hear is “you got this” and it changes a persons point of view on the struggles they face in life.

OnePath customer
I can honestly say you are amazing, the money has already cleared, It's been a hard time in the last 4 months but what you have done has made it all bearable. Thank you again from myself and my family.

OnePath customer
Your competence was clear from the start but equally so was your compassion. You made me feel, and now proven, that you had my interests and well-being in mind.

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