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Why Partner with OnePath?

We are committed to delivering quality insurance solutions that make a real difference in the lives of your clients and their loved ones.

OnePath has more than 100 years’ experience across underwriting, risk management and claims – so you can be confident you’ll have the support you need to ensure the best outcomes for your clients. Our flexible offering enables you to build a tailored protection plan based on each client’s individual needs, life circumstances and budget.

Our dedicated specialists also work with you to help you deliver a superior client experience and grow your business. Plus, we offer innovative technological solutions to power your applications and claims – saving you time and money at every step.

Benefits for you and your clients

Leverage the size, experience and resources of one of Australia’s leading life insurance providers

Gain access to our flexible and innovative range of products to get the right level of cover for each client

Get immediate policy decisions – speeding up your applications and boosting productivity 

Make the most of our fast and efficient underwriting process to improve the experience for your clients

Benefit from fast and compassionate claims assessments, with dedicated and personalised support

Take advantage of our business support tools to help you attract and service clients more effectively