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Important Information – Transition of OneCare Policies to Zurich system is now complete

We are pleased to let you know that the transition of all OneCare products and policies from ANZ systems to Zurich systems is now complete.

This transition represents a significant milestone in our journey, by taking this integrated approach all your pre-OneCare, OneCare and Zurich business will be accessible to you in a single location, via The Adviser Portal.

Please make sure you keep an eye on your emails to ensure you don’t miss important communications.

We will continue to action outstanding adviser and customer requests, however some delays might be experienced as we work through our processing freeze period. Additional staff have been hired to assist and we appreciate your patience during this time.

Thank you for enabling us to simplify and improve the systems that support you.

Please refer to section 3 and 4 of the below which has important information about changes to you and your client after transition.

We are committed to providing you and your clients with an easy to use and simplified experience. In line with this, we are taking an integrated approach to bringing our Zurich and OnePath Life systems together and we are pleased to advise that when the transition is completed in mid-April, all of your pre-OneCare, OneCare and Zurich business will all be accessible to you in a single location, via The Adviser Portal. The OneView Life system will no longer house the OneCare policies and will be decommissioned in due course following the transition.

Furthermore, you will be able to access the OneCare quote and apply system, Illustrator or ZLQ (Zurich Life Quotes) by signing in to only one system, The Adviser Portal.

Simplicity & Greater Efficiency

Bringing our systems together, and streamlining interactions and operations, will bring greater efficiency to you by:

  • Enabling you to service all your clients out of the same adviser portal
  • Giving you a single point of entry into both quote and apply systems

There will be some minor disruptions prior to the transition - for a short period of time use of Illustrator will be temporarily suspended as we undertake the complex activities necessary to successfully integrate the systems and minimise disruption following the transition.

In the week leading up to the transition we will be unable to process most transactions during the freeze period. Similarly, whilst OneView Life will continue to be available for your advisers to make enquiries for their clients’ OneCare policies during the freeze period, they will not be able to perform self-service functions or quotes.

Once the transition is complete, we will action outstanding adviser and customer requests, however some delays might be experienced as we work through the inflated work volumes resulting from the processing freeze period.  Additional staff have been hired to assist and we appreciate your patience and that of your advisers during this time.

Our dedicated customer service team are ready to support your clients’ enquiries through the transition period by:

  • Proactively communicating about delays to direct debit deductions
  • Manually processing urgent premium refunds (e.g. for financial hardship)
  • Responding to any queries about processing delays during this period

Whatever can’t be actioned during the freeze period, we will action immediately after the transition is complete.

Plus, during the transition period:

  • There will be no impact to existing income protection claims - we will pre-pay any claims that are due during the freeze period
  • No policies lapse – we will be extending the lapse period until after the transition is complete. If there are any payments due during our freeze period, we will not lapse any policies and these payments will be processed as a priority immediately following the transition.

There are 3 key changes you will experience after the transition:

1. Access to The Adviser Portal 

Once the transition is complete, you will access your in-force OneCare policies on the Adviser Portal via the following:

  • If you already use The Adviser Portal, there will be no change to how you access it, we will simply send you your username following the transition.
  • If you do not already have access – we will send you a registration email following the transition that will allow you to register for access to The Adviser Portal.
  •  Once you can access The Adviser Portal you will automatically have access to Illustrator.

2. A new Adviser Code

As part of the transition of retail policies, it may be necessary for us to create a new OnePath AFSL/Adviser Identifier (called an Adviser Code) for you to use for your retail OnePath Life business. Your new OnePath Adviser Code is directly related to the SAN number you had when ANZ administered the products.

If you are to receive a new Adviser Code as a result of the transfer of your OneCare policies, we will send your new Adviser Code(s) to you after the transition is complete.

If you use other platforms/financial planning software to service your OnePath Life pre-OneCare or OneCare policies, for example IRESS, the SAN(s) that were previously associated with these policies will no longer give you access to these policies on these platforms.

This means that you will need to register the Adviser Code(s) that you have received throughout the phases of the transition, on these platforms. If you have an existing data feed set up for your OnePath policies, it’s important to know this will not transfer over. If you do not have a Zurich data feed, you will need to create one.

3. Claim notification function 

Once the transition is complete, you will need to lodge notice of new claims by notifying the Claims team on 1300 555 250 or email at

After the transition, your clients with OneCare policies will receive a communication from us letting them know:

  • Their policy has been transitioned – we will let them know their policy is on a new system.
  • They have a new policy number – once the transition is complete, all of your clients with OneCare retail policies will receive a new policy number.
  • Where relevant, any new product names or brand changes – if your clients’ policy is branded OnePath, there will be no changes to their product name or brand. If they have OnePath Rewards there is no change, their rewards program continues but linked to their new policy number.
  • For your clients that have nominated to receive their correspondence by email, any attachments will now be available via the customer portal instead of attached to the covering email. For those of your clients who are still receiving their correspondence via mail, they are still able to login or register for the customer portal. They can also nominate at any time to receive their policy correspondence via email.

While there are a couple of things that will change because of the transition, please be assured all aspects of your clients’ policies remain the same, including:

  • The terms and conditions of their policy,
  • The type or level of cover they have,
  • There will be no change to your relationship with your clients and they will continue to receive the same exceptional service they always have

While we are integrating our Zurich and OnePath Life systems, rest assured that both our brands and products are here to stay. We will continue to draw on the strengths and best practice of two of Australia’s leading insurance brands, meaning you and your clients can be confident that:

  • Together, Zurich and OnePath Life will continue to service more than 2 million customers in Australia
  • You can count on us to deliver when it matters most – we’ve been insuring Australians for more than 140 years
  • If things go wrong, we will be there - in 2021, we paid over $1.28 billion in life insurance claims

We are here to support you support your clients through this transition. We have setup this page for you to access all the information you need.

Following our transition, you will receive a confirmation from us, with further details.

Any questions in the meantime? Your Business Development Manager is here to support you. However, if you do not have a BDM, you can access contact details here.

The success of the previous phases of the transition have put us all in a great position. Thank you for enabling us to simplify and improve the systems that support you.