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Market-leading underwriting tools

We’ve enhanced and integrated our underwriting technology to save you time, so you can help your clients get the cover they need sooner

An end-to-end technology solution

Our insurance application and quoting platform, OnePath Illustrator, is a fully integrated with OneCare Express, our award-winning pre-assessment tool and underwriting engine. This means you can manage the end-to-end underwriting process in one place, simply by logging in to Illustrator. 

This comprehensive solution provides indicative assessments on loadings and exclusions in lesss than five minutes. And by leveraging information from the pre-assessment stage, it streamlines your Personal Statements to save you time for every client.

Plus, with new enhancements to the Illustrator desktop, you can now enjoy the same user experience upgrades as with the online version. It also syncs automatically, keeping your quotes and applications up to date.

You can access Illustrator through The Adviser Portal by selecting, Quotes > New OnePath Policy.
If you have not registered for Illustrator, it is easy – 
click here to find out how.

Managing your client portfolio

After submitting your client’s policy application, it’s easy to manage your portfolio within The Adviser Portal. You can use it to:

  • track applications
  • update policy details online
  • see upcoming events at a glance
  • submit and monitor claims
  • send documents securely
  • project premium costs
  • generate quotes to increase, reduce or remove cover
  • run reports across your portfolio
  • access valuable portfolio insights and analytics.

A seamless underwriting experience

Manage client expectations upfront

Complete applications up to 30% faster

Get on-the-spot acceptance for some medical conditions

Run reports across your entire portfolio

Access our underwriting tools on any device – 24/7