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LiveWell FAQs

OnePath introduces 'LiveWell by Zurich', our global, innovative health and wellbeing app designed to engage your clients to make their health a priority. We want to offer our customers the best experience when it comes to their health – and LiveWell does that with improved features such as goal setting, daily mediations and health check-ins that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.  

Through relevant and engaging experiences, LiveWell makes the path to better health more rewarding through the accumulation of Health Points which can be redeemed using the rewards store.

Shutdown of OnePath Rewards - 9 December

Post 9 December

  • No new users will be able to access OnePath Rewards after 9 December 2022.
  • Current users will be provided with all  the information they need to transition to the new LiveWell app prior to the 9 December launch date.



  • Existing OnePath Rewards access will be deactivated.
  • Existing clients who have OnePath Rewards will be invited by email to register and activate their new LiveWell app.
  • Your client will need to accept the terms and conditions of the LiveWell program during application.
  • New and recently underwritten clients will receive activation instructions via email very soon after their policy goes in force.

Rewards are changing, with no more tiers

We are making rewards simple for everyone – on the new app it will be easier to earn health points and redeem rewards for healthy actions. Your clients can then spend these points as they choose with a large variety of local and global retail partners, plus get access to all rewards in the shop from launch.

Points will be reset for all with the new LiveWell app

It will be a fresh start on 9 December 2022. We know your clients worked hard for their points, but the new program will motivate and reward them even more when it comes to making sustainable health changes.

To kick-start their points balance, they will receive 25 bonus points when they activate the new program.  Again, all the local and global retailers will be available to all customers from Day 1.

LiveWell has many enhanced features compared to OnePath Rewards

The LiveWell app does have improved features such as goal setting, daily mediations and health check-ins. The accumulation of Health Points can be redeemed using the newly integrated rewards store.

The new LiveWell will be a standalone app and not a browser-based program like OnePath Rewards and therefore it will not it be an option on MyOnePathLife after 9 December 2022.

  Description LiveWell OnePath Rewards
Technology  Mobile app  Yes  No 
Pair fitness devices  Yes   Yes – Only Garmin, Fitbit 
Personalisation and tracking Dashboard  Yes  Yes - Step tracking only 
Profile Settings  Yes  No 
Goal Setting  Yes  No 
Wellness Assessment   Yes – 5 health checks  Yes – 52 HRA questions 
Lifestyle trackers  Yes – Mood, Stress and Alcohol  No 
Rewards and discounts Reward points  Yes –   Health Points  Yes  Wellness Points 
Rewards shop  Yes  Yes 
Premium discounts  No  No 
Status tiers  No  Yes 
Content and resources  Articles  Yes  Yes 
Meditations  Yes  No 
Polls  Yes  Yes 
Health Toolkits Yes  No 
Calculators  No  Yes 
Recipes  No  Yes 

Daily Activities 
Read an article (2 per day)  5 pts 
Complete Mood Tracker  5 pts 
Complete Stress Tracker  5 pts 
Complete Alcohol Tracker  5 pts 
Complete Smoking Tracker  5 pts 
Daily Targets
Achieve 5,000 steps  10 pts 
Achieve 10,000 steps  15 pts 
Achieve 15,000 steps  20 pts 
15 minutes of exercise  10 pts 
30 minutes of exercise   10 pts 
60 minutes of exercise  20 pts 
Between 7 and 9 hours of sleep  20 pts 
Achieve Meditate Target  20 pts 
Achieve 100% Energized  30 pts 
Bonus Activities
Welcome to LiveWell  25 pts 
7-day LiveWell Anniversary  50 pts 
5-day Move Target Streak  40 pts 
5-day Exercise Target Streak  40 pts 
5-day Sleep Target Streak  40 pts 
5-day Meditation Target Streak  40 pts 

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Zurich Australia Limited trading as OnePath Life (OnePath) ABN 92 000 010 195, AFSL 232510 makes the LiveWell by Zurich application available to you under an arrangement with Zurich LiveWell Services and Solutions Ltd.

Zurich Australia Limited is a company within the Zurich Financial Services Australia Group, which is a subsidiary of Zurich Insurance Group Ltd (ZIG).  

Zurich LiveWell Services and Solutions Ltd, a company incorporated in Switzerland and part of ZIG, is responsible for and operates the LiveWell by Zurich application.

The information is current as at the date of this communication but may be subject to change