Get more out of your life

Get more out of life

Your health and wellbeing is critical to your quality of life. That’s why the following providers are hand-picked health and wellness organisations that can help you be at your best – whatever life throws at you.

My Wellbeing Hub

We have compiled a collection of health and wellbeing resources for you, to support you on your journey towards overall wellness. These include engaging articles, fact sheets and guides that may help you improve your mental and physical wellbeing, information on community support groups and how you can get involved, and access to national support services if you need someone to talk to. Visit the Zurich and OnePath Health and Wellness hub

Description For who? What you’ll find

Mr Perfect creates a judgment free society for men by using BBQ meetups to encourage conversation and connection in an inclusive and supportive environment.

  • Men
  • Families
  • Information about Mr Perfect meet ups/BBQs
  • How you can become involved with Mr Perfect.
  • Different ways to connect with Mr Perfect and other men in your community.
  • Access Mr Perfect’s website with great blogs
  • Become connected with online forums that are specific to different circumstances, such as a lived experience forum and a carers forum.

Lee Holmes founded Supercharged Food to help others feel amazing, and improve their health through diet and healthy lifestyle tips.

  • Women
  • Men
  • The website provides delicious and easy to prepare recipes which have a range of benefits, including the promotion of gut-health.
  • In addition there is a comprehensive collection of videos, blogs, articles, newsletters, events, competitions and much more to help you engage with your gut health, and promote healthier living.

SuperFriend provides a range of educational tools and insights that may be helpful to employers in creating mentally healthy workplaces for their employees.

  • Business owners
  • Women
  • Men

Resources, insights and information to create mentally healthy workplaces including:

  • Guidelines and actions to build thriving workplaces.
  • National report – Indicators of a thriving workplace 2018
  • Guide for businesses – promoting positive mental health in the workplace
  • Podcasts – quick tips and easy takeaways to consume on the go and immediately apply.
  • Booklets on:
    • Peer Support
    • Looking after yourself– simple strategies for busy times.
    • Managing bereavement and grief

Heads Up provides workplace resources for employers, employees, managers, small business owners to create mentally healthy workplaces

  • Small business owners
  • Managers
  • Employees
  • Information on how to take action and create a mental health action plan for your business.
  • Also provided are case studies and personal stories that are powerful in communicating the key messages about the importance of mentally healthy workplaces.

Get Healthy is an Information and Coaching Service for adults with chronic disease or obesity offered by the Federal government in NSWQLD and SA.

Customers in QLD, NSW and S.A. that need support and motivation to reach their individual healthy lifestyle goals.

  • Access and information about Get Healthy’s services which include:
    • free confidential coaching service which supports participants to reach personalised lifestyle goals (e.g. healthy eating, increasing physical activity, alcohol reduction, and reaching and achieving a healthy weight)
    • information on availability and how to sign up.


myCompass is a free online self-help program designed to address mild to-moderate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression through personalised treatments delivered entirely online.

myCompass is offered by the Black Dog Institute, recognised in Australia as a pioneer in the understanding, prevention and treatment of mental illness

Adults (between 18-75) who want to build good mental health and are suffering from mild to moderate depression, anxiety and stress.

  • Access self-tests and treatment programs 24/7 on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.
  • 14 different interactive learning activities to help people act on what they find out about themselves
  •  A lifestyle tracking feature to help users better understand themselves, and to learn strategies to improve their mental health.



* To be eligible for My OnePath Life you need to be an individual policyholder of a OneCare Non Super policy.