Our services & support

We see managing your members’ or employees’ insurance needs as a privilege. Our ongoing commitment is to make it a positive experience.


Transparency of cover applications

We make it easy for your members or employees to apply for cover or increases to cover online, while giving you complete visibility of the underwriting process via our online platform RiskWorks Insurance Manager®

Our underwriting principles

We aim to provide positive and consistent underwriting outcomes to your members or employees. When they apply for additional cover, you can be confident that we will:

  • provide an expert decision in line with or ahead of the market
  • provide our best decision at the first opportunity
  • strive to meet and exceed service level standards
  • focus on getting members or employees covered as quickly as possible and only suspend applications as a last resort.


Our claims philosophy

We promise to provide an empathetic claims function, that:

  • efficiently administers our claims and underwriting functions
  • provides a strategic partnership and service model
  • continually works with trustees to provide fair terms and sustainable pricing
  • upholds our ethical standards

Transparency of claims, underwriting and reporting

RiskWorks Insurance Manager offers self-service reporting, online claims status tracking and claims history, a way to manage underwriting applications online, a centralised repository for key documents and helpful materials, as well as other features and tools. It’s available exclusively to our Group insurance partners; contact your Relationship Manager for access.

Enabling a quicker return to work

We provide the following support at claim time, to help members and employees return to health and re-enter the workforce sooner.


We’ve partnered with CaseWorks Australia to create a simpler and more personal claims process for your members or employees with mental illnesses. Our new partnership with CaseWorks is designed to:

  • make it easier to lodge mental health claims for GSC by having a registered nurse conduct home visits on our behalf and helping them complete their initial claim forms (a task we understand can be daunting for those submitting a mental health claim)
  • capture the right information upfront to speed up the assessment process
  • optimise the relationship between the super fund, employer, claimant and their treating doctor to help them regain their health and return to work sooner.

This service is offered on a needs basis and we welcome the opportunity to consider the appropriateness of CaseWorks for your members or employees.

Rehabilitation services

Our dedicated rehabilitation team is committed to supporting members and employees by facilitating successful return-to-work outcomes. Find out more in our rehabilitation brochure. Available for some type of covers.

Leading the way in claims

Based on surveys with members conducted by the Beddoes Institute**,OnePath claims team was the highest ranking in the industry, and ranked above industry standard on all key assessment parameters including; lodging claims, assessment process, payment processing, claims staff, ongoing claims management, and total experience index.

**Beddoes Claimant Journey Study 2017. Since its establishment in 2006, the Beddoes Institute has become a trusted and independent data and benchmarking company that works across all major stakeholder groups in the financial services sector, including insurance providers, licensees, financial advice practices, and professional bodies. More information about Beddoes is available at www.beddoesinstitute.com.au