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Providing your tax file number (TFN)

We are authorised to collect your TFN under taxation and superannuation laws and will treat your TFN as confidential. If you do decide to provide your TFN we:

  • Will only use it for legal purposes including facilitating the consolidation of your super accounts within our fund, finding or identifying your super benefits, providing other relevant information and receiving the results associated with searching the Lost Member Register, Super Guarantee and Superannuation holding accounts (SHA) special account records, calculating tax on any contributions or payments you may be entitled to and providing information to the ATO, such as reporting details of contributions for the purposes of the government co-contribution, lost member reporting and monitoring of contributions caps
  • May provide your TFN to the trustee of another super fund or retirement savings account provider where the trustee or provider is to receive your transferred benefits in the future
  • Will not pass your TFN to another fund if you tell us in writing that you do not want us to pass it on.

You are not required to provide your TFN. Declining to quote your TFN is not an offence. However, if you do not give us your TFN, either now or later:

  • we may not be able to accept member contributions, and you may be liable to pay additional tax on concessional contributions
  • you may pay more tax on your benefits than you have to (you may get this back at the end of the financial year in your income tax assessment)
  • it may be difficult to locate or amalgamate your superannuation benefits in the future.

The purposes for which we can use your TFN and the consequences of not providing it may change in the future as a result of changes to the law.


SuperMatch is a service the ATO provides to super funds which allows them to use a member's TFN to search various databases, including the lost members register, so that members may be ‘matched’ with their super benefits.

We may conduct this search process on behalf of members. If we match a member with their missing benefits, we may advise you and offer to consolidate your benefits within your OneAnswer/Integra Super account. If you do not want us to undertake this free service on your behalf, please advise us in writing.

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