Integra Super forms & brochures

Please note:
As of November 2013 Integra Super and Corporate Super are closed to new employer plans and new members of existing plans. All new plans and members have since been established in ANZ’s MySuper compliant product, ANZ Smart Choice Super. Since that time, all contributions and rollovers to default members’ accounts have been directed to an ANZ Smart Choice Super account which has been established for them.

Taking control of your super

Integra Super

Rollover form (221KB PDF)

Fund nomination form ( 313KB PDF)

Tax File Number Notification Form (131KB PDF)

Contribution Instructions (209KB PDF)

Investment Choice Guide (2.36MB PDF)

Member Investment Choice Form (231KB PDF)

Contributing on behalf of spouse form (140KB PDF)

Nomination of Beneficiary Form - binding and non-binding (286KB PDF)

Product Disclosure Documents

Integra Super

Product Disclosure Statement - for employer plans commenced after 1 October 2007 (211KB PDF)

Product Disclosure Statement - for employer plans commenced before 1 October 2007 (437KB PDF)

Member Guide - for employer plans that commenced after 1 October 2007 (959KB PDF)

Member Guide - for employer plans that commenced before 1 October 2007 (987KB PDF)

Insurance Guide (804KB PDF)

Insurance forms

Integra Super

Individual Insurance Transfer Form (158KB PDF)

Insurance Application and Short Form Personal Health Statement (135KB PDF)

Occupational Guide (210KB PDF)

Full Personal Health Statement (253KB PDF)

Other Forms and documents

Integra Super

Deduction for personal super contributions Form (123KB PDF)

Superannuation Contributions Splitting Application Form  (141KB PDF)

Personal After Tax Contribution Form (126KB PDF)

Superannuation Transfer Form - Overseas Benefit (115KB PDF)

Welcome to Integra Super (960KB PDF)

Personal Advice Fee Form (134KB PDF)

External Trustee Withdrawal Form (160KB PDF)

Early Release of Benefit due to Severe Financial Hardship (213KB PDF)

Direct Debit Request (DDR) - Personal Member Form  (120KB PDF)