Trauma Insurance

Trauma Insurance can help you survive the financial consequences of a health crisis. OnePath offers lump sum protection for both your short and long-term financial needs.

OneCare - for those who like help or advice

OneCare Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover can help you recover financially from a range of serious medical conditions, including cancer and heart attack.

Best for:

    • People with debts and dependants
    • Home-makers

OneCare Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) Cover

To help manage your long-term financial obligations if you suffer a total & permanent disability.

Best for:

    • People with debts and dependants
    • Self-employed

OneCare Child Cover

Child Cover protects families from the costs associated with childhood accidents and illness, allowing a parent to take time off work.

Best for:

    • Paying out-of-pocket medical expenses

EasyProtect Major Illness

This cover is the simple way to protect yourself from major illness.

To make a claim

    • To make a claim call: 132 062