Landlord insurance

Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance covers your investment and rental income, plus we cover you against natural events including flood.

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OnePath's Landlord Insurance frequently asked questions section provides useful information about costs, claims, quotes and renewals.

How do the changes to the Victorian Fire Services Levy affect me?

Please view the Victorian Fire Service levy for more information.

What is full building replacement cover?

OnePath’s Landlord Insurance will not leave your home building under-insured. We guarantee the full replacement of your home if it is destroyed^ by an event covered under this policy, regardless of cost. So, even if prices go up and it costs more to rebuild than your sum insured, we will still pick up the bill. That’s why we call it full building replacement cover.

What’s more, we’ll also cover related costs, including:

  • Professional and legal fees
  • Demolition and removal of debris
  • Alternate temporary accommodation

What is under-insurance?

Many people are unsure as to exactly what is meant by under-insurance. In simple terms:

You are under-insured if your property is destroyed^ and your insurance payout (commonly referred to as the sum insured) does not cover the real costs of rebuilding your property, because the sum insured is too low. This can be due to inflation or other costs such as professional and legal fees, demolition and debris removal costs. These additional costs alone can add 10 to 20% to the replacement building costs and, unfortunately are not normally thought of until it’s too late.

The good news however, is that if you takeout OnePath's Landlord Insurance will not leave you under-insured, as we offer full building replacement cover.

How do I get a quote for OnePath’s Landlord Insurance?

What information do I need to get a quote?

You will need to have the following details to get a quote:

  • building details including construction type, year built, number of levels and bedrooms
  • how much it will cost to replace your contents new for old>

Any questions? Please call Customer Services on 132 062, weekdays from 8am to 8pm, (Sydney time) and an Insurance Consultant will be happy to help.

How do I purchase insurance?

You can get Landlord Insurance online, or call 132 062 weekdays from 8am to 8pm, (Sydney time).

How long does it take to get insured?

You have 21 days from the commencement date displayed on your Policy Schedule to be sure you have the right landlord insurance. If it is not the insurance you require, you can cancel the insurance policy. You will receive a full refund of the premium paid, providing you have not made a claim.

What if I change my mind? Do you offer a money back guarantee?

You have 21 days from the commencement date displayed on your Policy Schedule to be sure you have the right insurance cover. If it is not the cover you require, you can cancel the insurance policy. You will receive a full refund of the premium paid, providing you have not made a claim.

Can I claim my insurance as a tax deduction?

Insurance taken out to cover a tenanted residential investment property may be claimed as a tax deduction, refer to your tax specialist for further information.

How can I renew my policy?

To renew your existing landlord insurance policy, we will send you a Renewal Schedule approximately four weeks before your policy is due for renewal and you'll simply need to follow the payment instructions.

If you pay your landlord insurance policy by monthly or annual direct debit, your insurance policy will be automatically renewed. You will need to contact us if you would like to stop your direct debits.

How can I pay my landlord insurance premium?

You may pay your landlord insurance premium by any of the following methods:

  • Credit card - Visa and Mastercard
  • Direct debit - Financial institution account deduction

Can I pay by instalment?

You can choose to pay your landlord insurance premium by instalments directly from a financial institution account or from your credit card.

What if I have to make a claim?

Call us on 132 062 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) when something happens that you believe you can claim for. Click for more details on making a Landlord Insurance claim.

What are the main benefits of OnePath’s Landlord Insurance for building?

Click here to see what you’re covered for.

How much do I need to insure my investment property for?

You no longer have to estimate your investment property building sum insured.

Since we offer full building replacement, we automatically calculate the sum insured of your building using a building sum insured calculator. This means that you will never be underinsured. In the event of a total loss your buildings will be fully replaced even if the rebuilding cost exceeds the sum insured calculated at application.

How much do I need to insure my investment property contents for?

You should work out how much it would cost for you to replace your contents, such as blinds, curtains and washing machine.

My tenant is a relative or friend and they won't damage the property so why do I need insurance?

In most circumstances it is difficult, as a landlord, to know who is visiting your property. For example, young children can inadvertently damage walls and floors without realising the consequences and accidents may happen outside the tenant's control, such as fire. Insuring your property will ease any potentially awkward or difficult situations without endangering the goodwill and friendship you have with your tenant.

My property has been damaged by fire and can't be lived in. What can I do?

OnePath’s Landlord insurance will give you peace of mind as your cover includes loss of rent for up to 12 months in addition to the cost of rebuilding the building.

A tenant's visitor has fallen on a loose tile and has been forced to take time off work. Will I be covered?

Provided you have OnePath’s Landlord Insurance, the liability cover will protect you from potential legal action that can be taken against you as a result of a fall. Under our Liability section, you automatically have up to $20 million liability cover if you are found to be legally responsible for injuries to people or damage to property.

What if my contact details or insurance needs change?

If the details on your policy schedule need to change, or your contact details or insurance needs change, please call us immediately on 132 062, weekdays from 8am to 7pm, (Sydney time).

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