Bring all your super together

Bring all your super together

If you’ve worked for multiple employers, you may have multiple super accounts.

Getting all your super accounts together makes sense. Not only could you save on fees and paperwork, you also reduce the chance of having lost super.


There are three simple steps you need to take to bring all your other super accounts to your OnePath super account:



Fill in a Rollover Form

Fill in a Rollover Form for Integra Super, Corporate Super or OneAnswer. All the details you need to fill in the form should be on your previous statements from your other super providers. If you can’t find your statements, call the other super provider and they will give you the details.




Get certified ID

You need to provide certified proof of identity for each fund you rollover. You can use your Australian driver’s licence or your passport. If you don’t have either of these you can use other documents.

Here is a comprehensive list of who can certify ID.




Send us your Rollover Forms

Send your completed form(s) and certified ID(s) to:
OnePath Life Limited
Reply Paid 5113
Sydney NSW 2001

You don’t even need to put a stamp on the envelope. We will contact your other funds and, if we have all the relevant details, your super account(s) should be transferred within 30 working days.


By consolidating your super accounts, you may incur additional fees or you may lose your insurance benefits from your existing provider(s). You should discuss any potential super strategies with your financial adviser.


Why OnePath?

Having your super with OnePath means you have access to a wide range of member services including:

  • a wide selection of investment funds
  • comprehensive insurance options
  • competitive fees
  • access to your exclusive member benefits program, InvestorBenefits.

You also have confidence from investing with ANZ's specialist wealth management business.

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