Superannuation & retirement

As one of your most important financial investments, it’s worth understanding how superannuation works. The choices you make today about super can influence your tomorrow, so find out all you need to know to make the choices that are right for you.

Our superannuation products

OneAnswer Frontier Personal Super

Choose from over 80 investment funds, expertly managed by leading investment managers.

Best for:

    • Hands-off investors
    • Investors looking for high-quality, full-service investments

Integra Super

Take advantage of the features and benefits of your employee super fund – including wide investment choice and exclusive member discounts.

Best for:

    • Existing members of Integra Super and their families

Investment funds - managed investment solutions for OnePath product holders

Investment funds

OptiMix: Access the world’s best investment managers, and diversify your investment across all major asset classes, in one expertly-managed portfolio.