Our insurance capabilities

Working in partnership with OnePath can help you protect more clients, in more markets. Based on your feedback, we’ve also developed a superior adviser experience every step of the way.

Use OnePath’s size and experience to your advantage

With over 100 years experience, our success has been built on sustainable business relationships.

OnePath works with advisers to deliver the solutions you need to grow your business. By partnering with OnePath, you have access to the scale and resources of one of the largest life insurers in Australia.

Protect more clients with OnePath’s innovative OneCare range

OneCare has been built with your feedback in mind – delivering a flexible, innovative and customer-focussed range of life insurance products to help you grow your business.

See a summary of the OneCare range here. Or download the OneCare Adviser Guide to find out more.

Speed up your applications with OneCare Express

OneCare Express is an intuitive electronic application program that will revolutionise the way you write risk business. By providing you with an immediate policy decision it can:

  • increase sales and referral conversion
  • boost productivity
  • enhance customer satisfaction

For more information download the OneCare Express Quick Reference Guide.
To download OneCare Express to your desktop, click here.

Access a fast and efficient underwriting process

To get on with business, you need an underwriting process that’s easy. That’s why we’ve taken on your feedback to deliver a fast and efficient underwriting process – improving the experience for you and your clients.

We achieve this by:

  • providing expert decisions in-line with or ahead of the market
  • taking personal responsibility to meet and exceed service standards
  • focussing on results, and putting applications into suspense as a last resort
  • calling you to discuss all non-standard applications
  • encouraging you to call us to discuss new and existing applications
  • thinking outside the square and proposing alternate solutions where possible.

Feel confident in our personable and professional claims team

We pay over $2.5 million in claims each business day. We approach every claim with a commitment to do whatever we can to process it as quickly, correctly and efficiently as possible.

We achieve this by:

  • assigning each individual claim to a specialist claims assessor who will work with you, your client, and their family, from start to finish
  • requesting as much information as we can upfront
  • committing and delivering on our service standards
  • upholding a personable and professional approach.

OnePath's claims team has earned an enviable reputation with risk advisers like Chris Cachia of CCA Financial Planners1.

"As a risk specialist, my clients receive quality advice that is based on over twenty years of industry experience. More importantly, I provide my clients with certainty.

This understanding led to the creation of CCAFP’s unique ‘Priority Claims Service’, a service that helps expedite and ease the stress associated with the claims process.

Over the years, I’ve worked closely with the claims departments of all of Australia’s leading life insurers to refine this service.

In my experience, I have found some claims managers seem to look for reasons not to pay a claim, but with OnePath, you get a different “feel” - they always try and find reasons to pay the claim.

What separates OnePath with other Life offices is their quick and compassionate assessment of claims.

I had one unfortunate case where a client became terminal. OnePath sought to expedite the income protections benefits (i.e. waive the requirements for financials) to alleviate the financial stress for the client in the final months of his life. A great compassionate result.

In my view, OnePath’s timeliness and compassionate sensitivity to claims clearly makes them the market leader when it comes to life insurance. This is really what the Life Insurance business is all about – helping people in their time of need."

Access a range of quality business support tools

On Adviser Advantage, you have access to the comprehensive Life Risk Marketing Toolbox – helping you attract, advise, and service more clients, more efficiently.

These resources include tools to help you:

  • tap into new and valuable market segments
  • demonstrate the need for life insurance in first appointments
  • provide clear and concise advice about OnePath’s OneCare product range
  • streamline the assessment process using our Adviser Guide and OneCare Express
  • provide post-sale and ongoing support to improve client retention
  • support your clients through the claims process.

1 This testimonial has been provided by Chris Cachia of CCA Financial Planners.