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Real stories of loss and survival

Have you ever imagined what difference an insurance benefit could make in your life? Below are some real life stories of OnePath customers who made the smart decision to protect their families, and whose lives have been transformed as a result.


Fast facts
Why do you need to protect your family with personal insurance? Here are some facts and figures you need to know.
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Robyn’s Story
Country mum of two, Robyn considered cancelling her policy when she became financially independent. Fortunately she kept her cover as three years later she was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Keeping her Trauma cover gave her access to the best treatments available.
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Simon’s story
As a fit and active 39-year old, Simon had no reason to suspect that he may be a heart attack risk. But what he didn’t know was that he suffered from a hereditary heart condition – one that would cause him to suffer a heart attack while jogging. Thankfully for Simon and his family, his Trauma Cover benefit was there to take the financial pressure off.
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Leanne’s story
A 47-year old mother of two, Leanne had considered cancelling her life insurance to make room in the family budget. In the end she kept it, just in case. Little did she know how soon she was going to need it, or what a difference it was going to make to her family’s life.
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Martin’s story
Martin, a 60-year old retiree, decided to give up his work as an elite lawyer after he had a series of health problems. Eventually he was diagnosed with malignant melanoma – triggering a Trauma Cover payment that allowed him to plan the rest of his life with certainty.
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Daniel’s story
A fit and healthy father of three, Daniel was heavily involved in his children’s sport. Unfortunately this had to stop when he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition, which eventually lead to open-heart surgery. Thankfully, Daniel’s medical costs were more than covered by his Trauma Cover.
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