Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance helps replace your income if you can’t work because of sickness or injury. 

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Income Secure Cover

OneCare Income Secure Cover

Available for a wide range of workers and occupations, OneCare Income Secure lets you choose the type of policy that works for you.

Best for:

    • Comprehensive cover
    • Flexibility of choice
One Care Business Expenses

OneCare Business Expense Cover

This cover recognises how much your business needs you. It pays a benefit to cover your business expenses if you are totally or partially disabled.

Best for:

    • Keeping your business running without you
OneCare Living Expense

OneCare Living Expense Cover

For home-makers, this cover recognises the value of what you do everyday. It pays an agreed monthly benefit if you are significantly disabled.

Best for:

    • Allowing your spouse to take time off work


EasyProtect Life Insurance

EasyProtect Income

With OnePath’s EasyProtect Income you can be paid a monthly benefit to cover the cost of living if you are unable to work due to illness or injury.


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