Find an adviser

Find an adviser

Looking for an adviser? OnePath can help you find a qualified financial adviser in your area.

What should you look for?

Your relationship with your adviser is key to establishing a successful financial plan. It is important that you look for an adviser who:

  • is qualified and authorised to advise you on all the money matters you may be interested in
  • communicates effectively with you, including listening to and answering your questions and explaining terms
  • is able to understand your ongoing needs and to accommodate them within your financial strategy
  • is experienced in dealing with people in a similar situation to you
  • clearly outlines their expertise and the service you can expect.

As the relationship with your adviser has the potential to become a long term one, you need to feel comfortable with your adviser on a personal and business level.

How do you find an adviser?

There are many ways to find an adviser. These include personal recommendations from friends and family, through your bank, the internet or the phone book.

To help you find an adviser in your area the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) has set up a financial planning company directory and referral service. To view the directory or find out more about how the FPA can help you, visit the FPA website.

Find an adviser close to you

OnePath can also help you find an adviser in your local area. Contact a member of our advisory networks: