Superannuation with OnePath

When you've got your own super, and your employees super to consider, you need a solution that makes your life easy. After all, you've got plenty of better things to do than administration. By outsourcing your employer super to OnePath, you can be confident you've got a team of skilled experts looking after your super fund, and taking the time-consuming paperwork out of your hands.


OnePath's broad range of super solutions are simple to use, and easy to understand. Our products cover personal and business super needs and include:

  • OneAnswer Personal Superannuation
  • PortfolioOne Superannuation & Pension
  • DIY or Self Managed Super
  • Integra Super - closed to new employers
  • Corporate Super - closed to new employers
  • ANZ Smart Choice Super

To find out which super product is best suited to your individual needs, talk to your financial adviser. If you don't have an adviser, we can arrange for one to contact you or you can find an adviser.

Life insurance through super

With OnePath, you also have access to a complete range of life insurance covers - including specialist protection for business owners and their employees.

Find out more about flexible personal insurance options for yourself and your family. Or take a look at cost-effective options for providing group life insurance to your employees, inside or outside super.

To find out how OnePath can help you sort out your super and life insurance needs, speak to your financial adviser, or call OnePath on 133 665.