Corporate Super

Corporate Super is a comprehensive employer super solution that's easy to use, provides exceptional value and offers leading member services. Please note, Corporate Super is now closed to new employers.

There is no change for existing members who have selected their own investment strategy, defined benefit members or a default member currently invested in a capital guaranteed or cash investment option.

New members to existing plans will have an ANZ Smart Choice Super account opened for them.


Key Features

  • Competitive and flexible pricing
  • Comprehensive insurance solutions
  • A wide choice of over 55 investment funds with unlimited free switching
  • EasyTransact - OnePath's online super servicing system
  • The Member Super Centre for online access and education


Benefits for employers

  • EasyTransact for efficient online contribution payments
  • Super Clearing Service for free and easy remittance of contributions to other super plans
  • Policy committee support
  • Dedicated customer service and reliable administration support
  • Access to ongoing communication support and product updates

Benefits for employees

  • An online Member Super Centre that includes interactive online financial education, calculators and seminars
  • A wide choice of over 55 investment funds with unlimited free switching
  • Access to comprehensive insurance cover for death, disablement and income protection
  • Competitive pricing with group fee discounts
  • Family member benefits and discounts
  • Hassle-free rollover assistance from other super funds members may have
  • Convenient online transacting and contribution options, such as BPAY®
  • Helpful and efficient telephone and online customer service
  • The ability for members to keep many of their benefits when they change jobs
  • A straightforward transfer to pension option when a member retires.

Note:Corporate Super is not designed for employers with more than 20% casual employees or high staff turnover (more than 30% p.a.).

Wide investment choice

Corporate Super allows members to choose from of over 55 different investment funds - spread across a wide range of investment styles and asset classes.

These include single manager, multi-manager, sector specific, diversified, index, ethical, alternate, domestic and international investment funds.


OptiMix A range of OptiMix Manage the Managers (MTM) funds - both single sector and multi-sector
OnePath A range of Multi-manager and single sector funds designed by OnePath
Leading fund managers A range of investment funds, managed by a selection of leading fund managers

Competitive and flexible pricing

With access to group rates negotiated with OnePath, Corporate Super offers exceptional value for members. These rates are made possible by OnePath's size, scale and expertise in managing group super funds.

Type of fee or cost Amount (after-tax)

Establishment Fee


Contribution Fee

The Contribution Fee is tiered, based on the annual total employer plan contributions.


Fee (After tax)
First $250,000 0% to 3.06% (0% to 2.60%) of
each contribution

Amounts over $250,0000

0% to 2.18% (0% to 1.85%)
of each contribution

The Contribution Fee is negotiated between you, the employer and the plan’s financial adviser and OnePath Life.
If applicable, this fee is deducted from any initial, additional and regular contributions when made.

When a member transfers through to Corporate Super- Personal, any Contribution Fee will cease.

Withdrawal Fee

$60 ($51 net)

Termination Fee



0% p.a to 0.59% p.a (0%p.a to 0.50% p.a after tax)

Expense Recovery

0% p.a to 0.24% (0% p.a to 0.20% p.a after tax)

Member Fee

0% to $60 p.a ($0 p.a to $51 p.a after tax)
For Corporate Super – Personal members $65.88 p.a ($56 p.a after tax)


Minimum average annual contribution per member


Minimum additional investment


Minimum switch

$250 per investment fund

Minimum withdrawal


Minimum regular contribution

$250 (per month or quarter)

Minimum account balance following partial withdrawal



EasyTransact is OnePath's time-saving online superannuation servicing system - simplifying transactions such as:

  • super contributions for members of your staff super plan
  • super contributions for employees who have chosen another super fund
  • setting up and removing staff members
  • changing staff details.

EasyTransact can be run on most computer systems with an internet connection, a browser, and email software. It ensures security for all online transactions.

To help you get the maximum benefit from EasyTransact, in addition OnePath's dedicated EasyTransact Support team will provide you with training and ongoing support.

The Super Clearing Service

OnePath's Super Clearing Service makes paying Choice of Fund super contributions easier for small businesses.

Integrated within our electronic transaction facility EasyTransact, OnePath's Super Clearing Service makes paying super contributions for your employees who have chosen another super fund easy, allowing you to:

  • make contributions for multiple Choice of Fund employees in one payment
  • track the progress of monies being allocated with online reporting
  • update details for your Choice of Fund employees online.

The Super Clearing Service is free of charge to employers who nominate OnePath's Integra Super as their business's default staff super plan, and where at least 50% of employees have their super contributions paid to that plan.

The 50% assessment will be based on the total number of employees whose contributions are being administered through EasyTransact.

Learn more about OnePath's Super Clearing Service (109kb PDF).


Product update Effective date

  End of financial year 2017 - documents availability (248kB PDF)

July 2017

  Federal Budget 2016/17 - proposals now law. (111kB PDF)

June 2017

  End of financial year - Key dates (343kB PDF)

June 2017

  Product Update - 2017 Annual Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) Levy (82kB PDF)

May 2017

  Changes to investment structure for Vanguard Funds (28kB PDF)

September 2016

  End of financial year 2016 – documents availability (60kB PDF)

September 2016

  Corporate Super Standard Risk Measures 2016 (32kB PDF)

August 2016

  End of financial year - key dates (87kB PDF)

June 2016

  Annual Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) Levy and Stronger Super Levy (87kB PDF)

April 2016

  Insurance - update to the Duty of disclosure for new and existing members (87kB PDF)

December 2015

  Changes to strategic asset allocation for Perpetual funds (87kB PDF)

November 2015

  UBS name change November 2015 (60kB PDF)

November 2015

  Changes to the OnePath Alternatives Growth Fund  (42kB PDF)

September 2015

  End of financial year document availability update  (159kB PDF)

September 2015

  UK Pension Transfers to the OnePath MasterFund  (42kB PDF)

August 2015

  End of financial year document availability  (159kB PDF)

July 2015

  Important information: Employer contribution obligations for SuperStream compliance (262kB PDF)

July 2015

  Corporate Super Notifiable Events - June 2015 (236kB PDF)

June 2015

  End of financial year cut-off times  (262kB PDF)

May 2015

  Product Update - 2015 Annual Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) Levy   (20kB PDF)

May 2015

  Corporate Super/Integra BlackRock Scientific Diversified Growth Fund   (20kB PDF)

October 2014

  New underlying investment manager for the OnePath Global Emerging Markets Shares Fund  (20kB PDF)

November 2014

  Changes to strategic asset allocation for Perpetual funds  (20kB PDF)

October 2014

  2014 Annual Statements - Additional explanatory notes  (20kB PDF)

October 2014

  SIS Act Superannuation Insurance Changes  (20kB PDF)

July 2014

  Removal of member protection on small balance superannuation accounts - Corporate Super (63kB PDF)

March 2014

  Privacy law changes (20kB PDF)

March 2014

  2013 Annual Statements – additional explanatory notes  (63kB PDF)

August 2013

 Government increases to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) Levy (143kB PDF)

August 2013

 Update to Product Disclosure Statement: Standard Risk Measures (104kB PDF)

July 2013

 Change of underlying fund for the AXA Global Equity Value Fund (63kB PDF)

July 2013

 Reduction to Withdrawal Fee from 1 July 2013 (104kB PDF)

July 2013

 Product update and continuous disclosure (44kB PDF)

July 2013

 OnePath and OptiMix Diversified Funds – updated disclosure for Alternative Assets (44kB PDF)

July 2013

 BlackRock Asset Allocation Alpha Fund update – transition to a replacement fund (41kB PDF)

June 2013

 Strategic asset allocation changes to the OnePath Capital Stable and One Path Capital Guaranteed Funds (41kB PDF)

June 2013

 BlackRock Asset Allocation Alpha Fund - termination date extended (47kB PDF)

April 2013

 Update – BlackRock Asset Allocation Alpha Fund (41kB PDF)

March 2013

 AXA funds to adopt AMP branding (44kB PDF)

November 2012

 Corporate Super Amendment - Legg Mason Global Equity Fund (17kB PDF)

November 2012

 2012 Annual Statements – additional explanatory notes (57kB PDF)

September 2012

 Product Disclosure Statements – legislation changes 2012 (42kB PDF)

July 2012

 Update on Challenger – introducing Fidante Partners  (41kB PDF)

June 2012

 Strategic asset allocation changes to BlackRock Scientific Diversified Growth fund (48kB PDF)

April 2012

 Corporate Super and Integra Super – product update February 2012 (49kB PDF)

February 2012

 OnePath Significant Event Notice 27 Feb 2012 (68kB PDF)

February 2012

 OnePath Significant Event Notice 17 Feb 2012 (68kB PDF)

February 2012

Notification of termination and wind-up of investment funds (32kB PDF)

February 2012

Change to underlying manager of international shares for Perpetual funds (54kB PDF)

September 2011

Flood levy on lump sum superannuation payments from 1 July 2011 (56kB PDF)

August 2011

2011 Annual Statements – additional explanatory notes (64kB PDF)

July 2011

Important update – OnePath Protected Growth Fund and OnePath Protected Growth Fund No.2 (58kB PDF)

July 2011

Schroder Balanced fund (70kB PDF)

April 2011

Fund performance

Forms & brochures



How can I make personal contributions to my super?

Click here (70kb PDF) to find out more.

Where can I find out more about superannuation and other investment fundamentals?

Visit the Super Learning Centre to access a range of tips, tools and calculators which can help you gain a better understanding of your super. Watch an online tutorial or use a calculator to learn more about the basics of super, how much super is enough and how you can reach your retirement savings goals.

Where can I find more information about the Choice of Superannation Fund legislation

Choice of Superannuation Fund legislation has been introduced by the Federal Government to allow employees, with some exceptions, to choose their own super fund for their Superannuation Guarantee contributions – putting them in control of what could be their biggest source of retirement savings.

The ability to choose a superannuation fund commenced on 1 July 2005

You can find out more about Choice of Superannuation Fund by:

If you already have your superannuation with OnePath you are well placed in the Choice of Superannuation Fund environment, and can feel confident that you are supported by one of the largest and most highly respected providers of superannuation and insurance in the Australian marketplace. With OnePath, the choice is already yours!

  • Choice of a wide range of individual investment options
  • Choice of over a dozen of the world's leading investment managers, including OnePath and OptiMix Manage-the-Managers Portfolios
  • Choice to switch between investment options at any time
  • Choice to structure your portfolio in line with your financial needs and goals
  • Choice of insurance options that can include Death Only cover, Death and TPD, and Group Salary Continuance
  • Choice to roll-over your super on retirement into a selection of pension products, ensuring significant tax benefits
  • Choice of on-line and telephone servicing
  • Choice to learn more about super and investing at any time, through OnePath’s online education tutorials.

Choice of Superannuation Fund, Fund Nomination Form and Letter of Compliance for Corporate Super can be found by visiting publications and forms.

Who looks after my super?

Trustee Fund

OnePath Custodians Pty Limited
ABN 12 008 508 496; AFSL 238346; RSE L0000673

OnePath MasterFund
ABN 53 789 980 697
RSE 1001525

Retirement Portfolio Service
ABN 61 808 189 263;
RSE R1000986

*Corporate Super is not designed for employers with more than 20% casual employees or high staff turnover (more than 30%)The information provided above is a brief outline of the major features of Integra Super. It is intended as a quick and easy reference source for investors. The data should not be used as a substitute for reading the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) prior to you making any decision to invest through Integra Super.

The PDS is issued by OnePath Custodians Pty Limited ABN 12 008 508 496 AFSL 238346 RSE L0000673 and is available here.

Before acquiring the product or deciding whether to continue to hold the product, you should consider the PDS. It is also necessary to consider the type the returns required to be achieved, the levels of risk necessary to achieve those returns and how long the investment should be held. This material has been prepared without taking into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation and needs.

This is general advice only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs (your personal circumstances). Before using this advice to decide whether to purchase a financial product you should consider how appropriate it is in regard to your personal circumstances.