We provide a comprehensive range of award-winning insurance covers and products to suit your financial circumstances.

For your individual needs

OneCare Life cover

OneCare Life Cover

Helps you secure a financial future by paying a lump sum, or instalments, if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Best for:

    • Families who require cover for living expenses

OneCare Trauma Cover

Trauma Cover can help you recover financially from a range of serious medical conditions, including cancer and heart attack.

Best for:

    • People with debts and dependants
    • Home-makers

OneCare Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) Cover

To help manage your long-term financial obligations if you suffer a total & permanent disability.

Best for:

    • People with debts and dependants
    • Self-employed

OneCare Child Cover

Child Cover protects families from the costs associated with childhood accidents and illness, allowing a parent to take time off work.

Best for:

    • Paying out-of-pocket medical expenses
Income Secure Cover

OneCare Income Secure Cover

Available for a wide range of workers and occupations, OneCare Income Secure lets you choose the type of policy that works for you.

Best for:

    • Comprehensive cover
    • Flexibility of choice
OneCare Living Expense

OneCare Living Expense Cover

For home-makers, this cover recognises the value of what you do everyday. It pays an agreed monthly benefit if you are significantly disabled.

Best for:

    • Allowing your spouse to take time off work

To help you achieve your business goals

One Care Business Expenses

OneCare Business Expense Cover

This cover recognises how much your business needs you. It pays a benefit to cover your business expenses if you are totally or partially disabled.

Best for:

    • Keeping your business running without you
Group Insurance

Group Insurance

As one of Australia’s largest Group insurers, we have a strong record of protecting members and employees and with great value Group Life and Group Salary Continuance Insurance.

Best for:

    • We’ll support you, your members or employees at every stage of the insurance process.