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Whether you’re a new adviser or want to sharpen your knowledge of the industry, we’ve got a library of helpful webinars to help you stay across the latest industry updates and regulatory information


July / August 2019

1. Insurance & Superannuation  2. Claims & Underwriting  3. Professional Development  

Insurance & Superannuation

Ins and outs of death benefit rollovers

Join us as we explore the answers discussing the ins and outs of rolling over death benefits. We will be looking at a case study focusing on insurance via super.

Safe landings: How effective is your beneficiary nomination?

Join as we consider the implications of super and non-super beneficiary nominations. We also take a look at a case study about how OneCare instalment payments can play an important role in positioning our clients.


Claims and Underwriting

Financial Underwriting with SCOR

Financials can often be a complicated part of the process, so if you are wanting to learn more then take some time out of your day to learn some valuable tips from the experts.

Underwriting Cancer- Prostate and Breast

Delve deeper into the world of underwriting with us as we explore some of the more common types of cancer, prostate and breast cancer.

Claims- Disclosure considerations

Why duty of disclosure matters. Ensure your clients are protected when it comes to claim time by getting an inside view of how our claims team consider disclosure when assessing.

Professional Development

Creating Winning Habits

Creating winning habits is a deeply interactive workshop created to guide your staff to design the systems and habits they need to follow through, increase productivity... and get stuff done.

The neuroscience of getting more done

Increasing compliance and regulation means that advisers now need to be more efficient, in every way, than ever before. This interactive webinar will give you some great tools to help you to structure your days, weeks, months and years in a tailored way so that you can achieve more with less wasted effort.

Pathway to your success - Part 1 & 2

Many moments have shaped and impacted how we show up as adults today. So if you're willing to broaden your perspective and dig into a little vulnerability then please join Nicole as she starts off by exploring our infant years and just how much of an impact our childhood plays in shaping how we show up today


February/March 2019 series

1. Insurance & Superannuation  2. Claims & Underwriting  3. Professional Development  

Insurance & Superannuation

External rollovers

To roll or not to roll – that is the question.

Join us as we explore the answers discussing the ins and outs of funding insurance premiums via super rollovers. We cover tax implications for personal contributions and benefit payments and the features for OneCare Super.

Business insurance- the case continues

Financial planners can provide significant value in helping identify and address the financial risks their small business clients face.

Join us as we take a deeper look at business insurance planning including business expense, key person and buy-sell case studies and the placement of trauma cover.

We also cover the relationship with a business owner’s SMSF and some of the insurance implications where limited recourse borrowing are involved



This session will provide participants with an overview of the key elements of the FASEA reforms, including what the reforms mean for existing advisers and those wanting to enter the industry. You’ll learn about the key standards which most impact advisers (education pathways, the exam, CPD and Code of Ethics), key dates by which advisers must meet the relevant FASEA standards, and what happens if they don’t.

Attracting new clients- marketing and sales

Join us to delve further and explore best practice marketing tools to help you find new prospects and improve your conversations with new clients and referral sources.


Retaining your existing clients

Join us to uncover the systems, skills and tools that will help you retain your clients. For the first time we’re also sharing statistics on when and why OneCare customers leave.

Claims and Underwriting

Underwriting- diabetes

In our diabetes presentation, we will be covering the most common types of diabetes seen in underwriting. You’ll learn the causes, treatments and underwriting approach for each scenario, as well as how we approach the conditions in the insurance industry.

Underwriting & claims- mental health

In this presentation, we will be covering the various types of mental health conditions, how they are diagnosed, treatments provided and how we approach the conditions in the insurance industry.

We will also cover the challenges with managing mental health claims, the impact of mental health claims over time, and the Mental Health initiatives used to assist at claim time.

Professional Development

Boosting positivity

We all have team members, family members, clients, students, or someone in our lives that we wish we could motivate, help, or move to the next level. Sometimes it’s ourselves! How do we get the best out of the people around us – in our workplace, in our family, or even in our own personal lives?

Here, you’ll learn specific strategies that you can share to elevate those around you, from the latest research in Positive Psychology. Take away practical tools such as identifying critical drivers of trusting relationships and experience insights into research and stories which impacts every facet of your life- at work, at home and personally.

Leadership of self

In this webinar we will explore themes, models and concepts touching on why we do what we do, and why we don't do what we know we should.

You’ll learn how to create a better relationship with yourself, what beliefs are and why they matter and how to make healthy decisions (we’re not talking about eating greens!)


Note: CPD point certificates have already been sent based on actual attendance to webinar sessions at the time for those who qualify. Viewing these webinar videos does not qualify for CPD points.


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