Adviser working with OnePath

Working with OnePath

Why work with us

Our strength and expertise means we can work with you to help you grow and protect your client's wealth.

ANZ Wealth is committed to working with you to meet the needs of your clients, while helping you build a stronger and more sustainable business. Working with us means you can access:

1. Sales support Our wide range of sales support tools can help you:

  • prospect for new clients with client lead letters, client flyers and newsletter articles
  • build Statements of Advice (SOA)
  • explore and test client strategies with our range of calculators
  • keep clients informed with our educational tools, videos and tutorials.

You can access the support tools by registering for Adviser Advantage.

2. News and information

Our dedicated content site, regular webinars, events and communications will help you stay up-to-date with the latest industry news, views and opinions, as well as ANZ Wealth’s product and service enhancements. These include:

  • Perspective extra, ANZ Wealth’s fortnightly online adviser newsletter features insights from industry experts, commentary on topical issues and business updates. You’ll also find information on upcoming events and the latest tools and support material.
  • APEX events, includes regular webinars, workshops and national roadshows.

subscribe to our newsletters or order any material, simply register for Adviser Advantage.

3. Online customer services

My OnePath provides clients with a simple and secure online service that gives them access to a range of information and services relating to their account. To make things easier, new clients are automatically registered for access.

4. Business development support

ANZ Wealth provides you with a dedicated business development team at a local level who can assist with:

  • product related advice
  • up-to-date investment and market information
  • technical advice
  • tools to assist the advice process.

By working closely with you, the business development team can tailor a service program to best meet your needs and help you grow your business.

5. Training support

ANZ Wealth is committed to adviser education and regularly runs national roadshows, workshops and webinars. These events cover a range of topics including personal and practice development, technical, market and economic updates, and product developments and enhancement.

ANZ Wealth can also provide access to our extensive range of presentations and experienced speakers to help with professional development, including:

  • Technical – our specialist team present on a range of topics including superannuation, SMSFs, retirement income streams, insurance, social security and aged care.
  • Product – our experts present on product strategy, best business practice and product training.
  • Business development – our BDMs present adviser and client sessions on topical issues, workshop sessions and economic updates.

6. Technical support

Our team of dedicated technical professionals can provide advice and tools on a range of topics including superannuation, legislation, tax, gearing, retirement planning and more.

The technical library provides:

  • technical bulletins
  • technical updates
  • calculators
  • fact sheets.

You can access this technical support material by visiting the technical library in Adviser Advantage.

7. Award-winning products

Our broad range of investment and insurance solutions consistently receive industry accolades, so you can be confident your clients are getting outstanding value for money with ANZ Wealth. Some of our more recent awards include:

SuperRatings Ratings & Awards

  • 2016 – Platinum rating for OneAnswer Frontier Pension
  • 2016 – Platinum rating for OneAnswer Frontier Super
  • 7 years Platinum Performance recognition

Money Magazine Best of the Best Awards

  • 2016 –Best Featured Pension Fund – OneAnswer Frontier


  • 2016 – Outstanding value – Life Insurance
  • 2016 – Outstanding value – Trauma Insurance
  • 2016 – Outstanding value – Packaged Life insurance



AFA Awards

  • 2016 – Life Company of the Year – Life and TPD Insurance
  • 2016 – Life Company of the Year – Trauma Insurance
  • 2016 – Claimant Choice Awards – Best Application Process
  • 2016 – Claimant Choice Awards – Best Turnaround Time
  • 2016 – Consumer Choice Awards – Honouring Commitments



Partnering with OnePath

How to establish an adviser sales account number (SAN)

To be registered with ANZ Wealth, your dealer group must have a Product Issuer Agreement in place and the following documentation must be completed.

You can send this documentation to us via:

  • Email:
  • Post: ANZ Wealth APS Team, GPO Box 75, Sydney NSW 2001

How to establish a corporate sales account number (SAN)

If you are wishing to establish a sales account number (SAN) in the name of a company, the following documentation is required:

You can send this documentation to us via:

  • Email:
  • Post: ANZ Wealth APS Team, GPO Box 75, Sydney NSW 2001

How to establish a dealer group relationship

The following documentation must be completed by a dealer group to be able to sell ANZ and OnePath products:

These forms have been removed temporarily from the website. If you would like to register a Dealer Group, please contact us at:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1800 222 066 (option 4), Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm AEST.

How to update your contact details

You can notify us that your contact details have changed via:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1800 222 066 (Option 4)
  • Post: ANZ Wealth APS Team, GPO Box 75, Sydney NSW 2001

Note, all dealer group change of bank details or changes to payment frequency must be authorised in writing and signed by the dealer groups Authorised or Responsible officer. This document can be emailed to

How to notify that you've changed dealer groups

To advise us that you have changed dealer groups, the following documentation is required:

You can send this documentation to us via:

  • Email:
  • Post: ANZ Wealth APS Team, GPO Box 75, Sydney NSW 2001

Transferring clients to a different dealer group

In order to have your clients transferred to your new dealer group, the following documentation is required:

  • Release letter from previous dealer group
  • Acceptance letter from your new dealer group

Note, Excel format is preferred including the client's name, policy number and sales account number (SAN)

You can send this documentation to us via:

  • Email:
  • Post: ANZ Wealth APS Team, GPO Box 75, Sydney NSW 2001

Transferring clients within your current dealer group

In order to have your clients transferred between advisers under the same dealer group, the following documentation is required:

  • Signed and dated request from the Authorised or Responsible Officer of the dealer group. Alternatively, this request can be sent from the registered email address OnePath hold for the dealer group

Note, Excel format is preferred including the client's name, policy number and sales account number (SAN)

You can send this documentation to us via:

  • Email:
  • Post: ANZ Wealth APS Team, GPO Box 75, Sydney NSW 2001

Adviser Payment Services – FAQ’s, Tips and Hints

  • Can I see my client's accounts online?

Yes! Adviser Advantage provides financial advisers the flexibility to view and generate reports at any given time. Follow the below link to the Adviser Advantage log in page:

If you currently have not registered for Adviser Advantage, creating your online access is easy, simply go to the above link click register in the log-in details box; then follow the prompts. Creating your online access should be done after you have requested your Sales Account Number (SAN) to be created.

Note, Commission statements for the last 12 months can only be generated via adviser advantage.

  • What type of reports can I access on Adviser Advantage?

Currently Adviser Advantage offers a variety of reports. Please refer to the below list of available reports;

  • My Business – By Sales Account (report of FUM by sales account and product)
  • My Business – By Product (report of FUM by product)
  • Client Contact List (client name, address and contact information)
  • Client Balances (name, address, phone, insurance premium and portfolio balances)
  • Client Portfolio Balances (name, address, policy number, investment fund, unit information)
  • MoneyForLife Account Balances (policy number, balance, MoneyForLife investment balance, MFL commencement date, MFL anniversary, protected income base and maximum annual income details
  • Employer Fund List (list of all employer funds including fund name, fund number, product, portfolio balance and number of members)
  • Employer Fund Report (detailed report showing fund summary, default investment options and member listing is optional)
  • My Commission – By Sales Account (displays date paid, policy number, client name, product, date commenced, premium, commission type and amount
  • Work In Progress Report (date received, date modified, policy number, client name, type of transaction, status and outstanding)
  • Does OnePath offer a change of servicing adviser form?

Yes! Please follow the below link to access the Change of Adviser form:

  • When will commissions generate?

Commissions will only generate a) once a policy is inforce and b) the premium is received.

Once a commission amount is generated it is then paid to your Dealer Group within their nominated commission cycle.

OnePath pays commissions to registered Dealer Groups on a monthly or weekly basis (Payment frequencies vary between dealer groups and we suggest speaking with your dealer group for the payment frequency applicable to you).

  • Who do I contact for...
Adviser Payment Services (APS)
1800 222 066 (Option 4)
Risk Adviser
1800 222 066
Adviser Services
1800 804 768
  • Enquiries on commissions paid (not applicable for SmartChoice members)
  • Change of Adviser Requests
  • Set up of New Adviser Requests
  • Reports (if greater than 12mths history is required)
  • Commission Adjustments
  • Update/ Changes to adviser details
  • Partial and Bulk transfer requests
  • Retail Insurance product information
  • Retail Insurance Policy Details
  • Retail Insurance Premium Details
  • Submitting of any forms for new Insurance quotes
  • Pension & Investments/ Superannuation product enquiries (New & Existing)
  • New business applications Claims & Hardship
  • What are the commission structures for OneCare Policies?

Pre LIF Grandfathered policies (before 1st January 2018)

Policy Year Upfront Stepped Hybrid Level
Year 1 115% 95% 70% 32%
Year 2 11% 12.5% 24% 32%
Year 3 11% 15% 24% 32%
Year 4 11% 17.5% 24% 32%
Year 5+ 11% 20% 24% 32%

Post LIF (after 1st January 2018)

Policy Year From 1 Jan 2018 From 1 Jan 2019 From 1 Jan 2020
Upfront Level Upfront Level Upfront Level
Year 1 88% 30% 77% 30% 66% 30%
Year 2 22% 30% 22% 30% 22% 30%
Year 3+ 22% 30% 22% 30% 22% 30%

** Please note all percentages are inclusive of GST

  • What is the difference between a Sales Account Number (SAN) and a Master Sales Account Number?

The difference is the Sales Account Number (SAN) is your personal code used to write up new business or to identify yourself when interacting with ANZ/ OnePath. Whereas the Master Sales Account Number represents your Dealer Group you fall under.

  • Does my Dealer Group have authority to transfer my policies to other advisers?

Yes! The legal agreement that is in place sits between ANZ/ OnePath and the Dealer Group you represent. As part of this agreement, the Dealer Group has authority to request ANZ/ OnePath to enact certain changes (including transfer of policies) which we are required to action.