Register and download

Steps to register

1. Register for an Illustrator account.

2. Once registered, you’ll receive an email for verification. Click on the link contained in the email to verify your email address.

3. When your email address has been verified, your account will be activated. You’ll receive a second activation email. This email will contain a temporary password, required when you first log on to Illustrator.

4. If you already have Illustrator installed, you can now log on to Illustrator using your registered email address and the temporary password sent to you. If you do not have Illustrator installed, you can download it here.

Please note that the first time you run Illustrator you must be online.


Steps to install Illustrator on Windows
Before you start, make sure you are able to install new software onto your computer. If you are not sure, contact your system administrator.

1. Download the installation file by clicking it. Save the file onto your computer. 

2. Locate the saved file and execute it by double clicking it. 

3. The wizard will guide you through the installation.


Version  Installation file



If you have any issues installing OnePath Illustrator, check to see you are able to install the new software onto your computer. If you are not sure, contact your system administrator. Supported operating systems and other prerequisites are outlined below. Where prerequisites are identified, the installer will attempt to install these, but administrator privileges may be required.


Operating system Prerequisites*

Windows 10, 8 and 7

No special prerequisites

Windows Vista

.NET Framework 4.0


Windows XP


Service Pack 3
.NET Framework 3.5
C++ Runtime


User Guide

Download the Illustrator and OneCare Express User Guide

Software support and training
If you need help installing or upgrading your software, please contact Risk Adviser Services on 1800 222 066 or email

If you or your staff would like training on Illustrator or OneCare Express, please email In your email, please include the state you are located in and your dealer group.


OnePath's OneCare Express Declarations Form 

OneCare Express provides you with an electronic signature option. For additional security, you may use this form to obtain your client’s signature and retain it in your files. Download OnePath's OneCare Express Declarations Form